Looking for the best fighting telegram groups? Then you've come to the right place. Here are the most popular telegram groups:

The page is currently being created, and groups will be added as and when required.

Telegram group of 100% RUE🏢🔞®

This telegram group regularly publishes shocking, brawling, funny and topical videos. Videos are deleted after 48 hours. To join this telegram channel and its 500,000 members, click on the button below.

Only Street Fighting Telegram Group

The best source for street fights on Telegram. Join this group for incredible fight videos. New daily content, brutal knockouts, crazy brawls and more.

Salade Niçoise Telegram Group

In this group you'll find funny videos like a man fighting with a kangaroo or shocking videos like accidents. Over 70,000 members have already joined this channel.

STREET FIGHTS Telegram group

Russian group specializing in street fights and MMA fights. A good fighting group as we like it. Beware, the content of this telegram group is quite violent.

Street Fight Telegram Group 📺🔞

This group is dedicated exclusively to videos of street fights. Please note that these videos may offend the sensibilities of younger viewers, and are therefore for adults only.

C'EST LES Z'HOMMES Telegram group 😈🚔

This telegram group with over 100,000 members publishes unusual, shocking content and some pretty impressive brawl videos. Among the videos are videos of brawls in France.

Telegram group of Топор 18+

A no-holds-barred telegram group with truly shocking content. Nearly 4 million members have joined this group, which is not recommended for minors.

How to join the brawl & shocking groups on Telegram?

Here's how to join a group:

  • Browse the list of the best brawling bands.
  • Click on the " Joining the canal" .
  • Use the Telegram application to open the link.
  • Check group and discussion information.
  • Then click on the Join group button.
  • You have successfully joined the group on Telegram.
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