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How to join a Telegram group

  • Browse our site and its different categories
  • Select the telegram group of your choice
  • Click on the "Join the channel" button
  • If necessary, download the telegram application (Android or IOS)
  • Then click on the "Join" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Congratulations, you've just joined a telegram group!

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What is Telegram?

What is Telegram and how is it different from other messaging applications?

Why join a telegram group

First of all, Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging (IM) service that enables users to initiate and receive voice and video conversations as well as send multimedia messages (photos and videos). The brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who had previously founded the Russian social network VK, launched it in 2013.

Unlimited server storage

All of your text messages, images, multimedia files, and documents will be backed up to the cloud because Telegram gives you unlimited storage space. You don't have to worry about backup and restore, and you can log off and on an infinite number of times from an infinite number of devices concurrently without losing any data. You can view open sessions and check your connected devices, so you can download any file whenever you want, wherever you are.

As of February 2021, you can upload a single file up to 2 GB in size, and there is no limit to the total number of files that can be uploaded.

Media compression

Users can choose to compress the image and video, or send the uncompressed version.

Group member capacity

From February 2021, a Telegram group can offer a maximum of 200,000 members. For WhatsApp, 256 is the maximum capacity of members in a group. That's a huge difference!

User name function

Telegram allows you to communicate with anyone, even if you don't have their phone number. (This is a fantastic technique of preserving the anonymity of the user's contact number). You can even go on communicating in a group while keeping your phone number a secret. We'll have to wait and see about that, but I've read somewhere that WhatsApp plans to add this feature as well.


A conversation that uses end-to-end encryption and has timer-triggered automatic message deletion. Most likely, there is no method to hack it.

Cross-platform support

Telegram is available for Android, iOs, Windows, Mac OS, and via any browser. 

Secret cat

A chat with end-to-end encryption in which messages are automatically deleted when the timer strikes. It's probably not possible to hack it in any way.


This program uses machine learning and AI to a limited extent. It is capable of a wide range of jobs. An image robot, for instance, can extract photos from the name. Bots come in a variety of forms. The following are the most often used bots: GIF bot, image bot, and sticker bot.

Voice and video calls

Voice and video calls are now supported in Telegram's most recent version, which WhatsApp has long lacked. This feature's user interface is nearly identical across both platforms. There isn't much of a difference.

Send any type of file

Telegram users can send any kind of file. Video, image, and document file limitations in WhatsApp make it exceedingly challenging for many users.

Multiple sessions

Users of Telegram can connect to numerous devices simultaneously and receive messages on each of them.Their browsing sessions are stored in memory.This is an interesting feature. Messages can be saved in the draft as well. Let's say you're attempting to message another user. A lengthy paragraph was typed, but you opted to send it later. You can send the draft message from another device because it will be synchronized across all of your devices.


No restrictions apply to Telegram, regardless of the quantity of messages you send or receive each day.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find a telegram group without a link?

There are 2 ways to join a group on telegram, the first is to use a link and then accept to join the group. The second is to join a group without a link. Here's how: 

  • Open your Telegram application, then go to the conversations tab and click on the search bar at the top.
  • Enter the theme or group word you're interested in. For example, to join the channel dedicated to beIN SPORTS, enter "beIN SPORTS".
  • Click on the channel name to see more. To join, click on "Subscribe".
  • Channel administrators may have built-in protection against spammers. In this case, solve the captcha to be allowed to participate in the channel...
  • However, some private groups require you to be invited by members before you can access them.

What is telegram X?

Version X makes it simple to transition from day mode to dark mode by including dedicated night mode and bubble mode in the side menu bar.

In addition to storing your data as saved messages, you can browse specific tabs in Media, Documents, Links, Messages, GIFS, Voice, and Videos. In version X, your backup or all of your data storage will automatically categorize your media and documents as audio, among other things.

This will make it easier for you to swiftly and easily find your media or documents in the various tabs.

In Telegram X, there are five distinct ways to stop communication, including PIN and password. If your device has a reader, you can also use a keyboard layout, specific hand gestures, or your fingerprint.

By tapping on the conversation for a longer period of time, you can view a message preview.

Additionally, you can see other options while previewing the chat, such as pinning, deleting, muting, or rendering the chat unreadable, and you may select them by moving your finger over the respective icon.

You are free to take any action. You can do whatever you want with the cat.

What are the differences between Telegram and Telegram X?

There are many differences between these 2 versions of telegram, the main one being the ability to open multiple chat tabs at the same time on Telegram X. Here are the other differences: 

  • Telegram users can download videos at normal speed, while Telegram X users can download videos 3x faster.
  • To activate dark mode, Telegram users can go to settings and change the theme, while Telegram X users can get dark mode and bubble mode on the side of the menu bar.
  • Telegram has a common tab for chats and calls, while Telegram X has separate tabs for calls and chats.
  • When using Telegram, you can't switch directly between calls and messages, but on Telegram X, you can simply toggle between calls and messages by swiping right or left.
  • To access conversation previews, you can view any chat profile photo in Telegram by tapping on it, while in Telegram X you can preview messages by tapping on the chat itself.

How to remove censorship on Telegram?

"This channel cannot be displayed". It's a familiar message to users of Apple smartphones or computers when joining a new telegram group or channel. In most cases, this is censorship to block the display of x-content, as Apple bans applications in the app store that publish x-content.

How to unblock sensitive content on Telegram?

  • Open telegram web and go to settings
  • Then click on Privacy & Security
  • Then locate "sensitive content" at the bottom of the page
  • Then check the "Disable filtering" button.
  • Thanks to this method and the web version of Telegram, you'll be able to access telegram groups with porn content despite Apple's block.

How do I join a public Telegram channel?

It takes only a few steps to join a Telegram channel. Simply open the Telegram app for Android, iPhone/iPad, PCs, or visit its online version, search for the channel you want to watch, and then choose the access option.

Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone or tablet to continue, and on an Android device, click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner.

Next, type the name of the channel you're interested in into the Search area, click the first result, and on the following screen, click the Join option to gain access to the channel.

On an iPhone or iPad, however, select "Search for messages or users" from the Channel Name area, then select your preferred result from the Global Search section.

Click the Join button at this stage.

Want to use your PC to visit a Telegram channel? In this situation, you should be aware that the process is the same whether you are connected to Telegram Web, the online version of the well-known messaging service available through the browser, or the official Telegram client (Windows 10 / macOS).

Enter the name of the channel you want to look for in the search area at the top left, select your preferred search result, click on the next screen, and then click the Join Channel button.

How do I join a private Telegram channel?

If you're wondering how to join a private Telegram channel, you should be aware that you can only do so if the channel's creator, an administrator, or one of them directly invited you or provided the invitation link.

You won't need to take any action in the first scenario because you were immediately admitted to the channel and can now see the previous message history.

On the other hand, if you have the link to a private Telegram channel's invitation, all you need to do is click on it and select the Join channel option from the new screen that displays.

Interested in learning how to access a private Telegram channel without being invited? I'm sorry to inform you that it is not possible, as was said in the preceding lines.

If you are aware of the creator or administrator of a channel, your sole option is to privately get in touch with them and express your desire to be admitted to the channel. My tutorial on how to look for people on Telegram may be useful in this area.

How do I enter a blocked Telegram channel?

If you have followed the instructions I gave you in the previous paragraphs but still see the notice when attempting to visit a channel you are interested in This channel isn't accessible because [reason], which indicates that the channel has been locked and that you're probably using Telegram on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

It is important to know that Telegram channels that broadcast illegal content or break platform rules are blocked by Apple.

Therefore, utilize Telegram on a different device or, more simply, use Telegram Web if you want to learn how to access a blocked Telegram channel.

In the latter scenario, open the browser that is now installed on your device, sign in to Telegram Web, and, if this is your first access, type your account's phone number into the appropriate field.

On devices where the well-known messaging service is already installed, Telegram will send you a message shortly with a verification number. To validate your identity and access the Telegram site, type the relevant code into the Enter your code form.

Once you've completed this, all you need to do is look for the channel you want to watch and click the associated Unirse button, as I've explained in the earlier sections of this guide.

How do I invite people to the Telegram group?

To invite to a Telegram channel, either public or private, for which you are the creator or administrator, go to the main screen of the channel in question, press your First Name at the top and select the Subscribers option.

In the new screen that appears, touch the Add subscribers item and check the contacts you want to add to the channel.

It's useful to know that you can also invite people who are not in your contacts, by entering their username in the People Search / Contact or Username Search field. Once you've selected all the people you want to invite to the channel, click the ✓ button (in the Done voice on iPhone / iPad) and you're done.

If, on the other hand, you want to share the invitation code of a channel you created or are a part of with others, go to the channel in question, tap its First Name, copy the URL displayed next to the Invite Link/Share Link entry and share it with the people you want to invite to the channel.

However, if your channel is private, you can select the Invite by Link option and, from the new screen that appears, choose one of the options available from Copy Link, to manually copy and send it to the people you are interested in, and Share Link, to share it via email or app messaging.

If you prefer to do this from a PC, the instructions I've just given you are valid for both Mac and Telegram Web.

If, on the other hand, you are using the Telegram app for Windows 10, go to the main screen of your channel, press the icon with three dots in the upper right corner and select the Add Members option.

Click on the contacts you want to include in your channel (or enter the username in the Search field) and click the Add button, to add them to the channel.

If the channel you manage is a private channel, you can also invite new people with your invitation link.

To retrieve it, press the First name of your channel, click on the icon with the three dots and choose the option Manage channel.

In the new screen that appears, select the Write Channel option, locate the Invitation Link item and click on the link to copy it and later send it to the people you want.