Telegram has quickly become the platform of choice for crypto-currency enthusiasts. With its user-friendly interface and instant messaging capabilities, Telegram is perfect for those who want to keep abreast of the latest news and developments in the world of crypto-currencies. Not only do projects use Telegram to communicate with their communities, but there are also many Telegram groups dedicated to sharing information and tips about the crypto world. That's why we've listed for you the top 25 best cryptocurrency telegram groups.

Here is the users' favorite telegram crypto group:

Telegram Crypto Mania Group

New French group on crypto news, tips and signals are also offered

Here is the list of telegram crypto groups rated highest by users:


The 1st French-speaking cryptocurrency investment club. Search and share crypto opportunities: NFT, METAVERSE, DEFI, BLOCKCHAIN, AR/VR... #cryptos #bitcoin #cryptomonnaie

Telegram Group FR group of crypto-investors

French group of crypto-investors to keep up with the latest signals, news and advice.

Telegram Group CRYPTO FAST

Here I offer you my investments and news in the crypto sphere!

Telegram Pro Crypto Group

Get a sneak preview of the big crypto and nft projects and take advantage of opportunities in the crypto world.

Telegram Group Cryptobaguettes

Welcome to the crypto bakery! 🥖 Here we eat % and baguettes🤑

Telegram Group Cryptopumpstreet Signals pumps cryptocurrencies

We are trying to create the first French🇫🇷 pump channel 📈

Cryptos will be announced at the last moment at a fixed time and days ⏰!

Telegram Group Artworks Group NFT crypto

Telegram News Group -

Telegram Group The Crypto Bubble

The Crypto Bubble podcast chat room.

Telegram Group ฿itcoin France Club

✅Group for mutual support and information sharing around Bitcoin and crypto-currency

Telegram Cryptonomic Group

In this group, you can discuss everything to do with crypto-currencies in a friendly and welcoming environment. A variety of experts are available to answer any questions you may have. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting out, you'll find this group a valuable resource.

Telegram Ethereum Francophone Group

Group dedicated to Ethereum and its ecosystem. News / Trade / Mining / ICO ...

Telegram Group CryptoManiacFrance

Self-help and exchange group dedicated to the world of crypto-currencies

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto

Telegram Group Technical Analysis Crypto

Crypto technical analysis group

Telegram Group CryptoFR

Official Telegram channel of the CryptoFR community.

Telegram Group Phemex French

Official Telegram group of the Phemex exchange for the French-speaking community. In this group, we discuss the latest crypto news and publish analyses of the products available on our platform.

Telegram Group Holochain Projects Fr Group

Come and talk to us about your choices, or your opinion on the various holochain projects.

Telegram Crypto Future Group announces

🌟Would you like to learn how to make money on the internet with cryptos a community group for Training and information in the field of crypto currencies. All free support and assistance #Crypto #Token #Formation

Telegram Crypto Trading Group France

The official bot of the number 1 Crypto Trading community in France!

Telegram Group Crypto News & Facts

No fancys, no useless images, just easy-to-read text so you don't miss a thing!

Telegram Power Crypto News Group

🇫🇷 Check out the latest Cryptosphere news related to our Trading Signals.

Telegram Power Crypto Club Group

🇫🇷 Channels & Telegram Group dedicated to Cryptos with News & Trading Signals. 

Telegram Group : Signals, analysis, training

Daily analysis, alerts (scalp, swing), live, phone training, 100% cryptotrading.

Telegram Ripple Group - XRP

Official Telegram group of the Ripple community to discuss the XRP coin.

Telegram Group Stellar Lumens XLM/STR

Stellar Lumens Telegram community.

Telegram Group Litecoin LTC

Official Telegram Crypto Group to discuss Litecoin.

Telegram Group's English community to discuss all crypto-currencies.

Telegram Group Cardano Official

Official Telegram group of the Cardano community, managed by the Cardano Foundation community team.

Telegram TRON Offical Main Group

Official discussion group for TRON(TRX).
TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet.

Telegram Group Investment 2.0

Welcome to the adventure of financial freedom.

We trade Futures and Spot #

#Cryptocurrency #France #xsl #invest #money #investment #BTC #binance #crypto #Defi #trading #cryptotraders #chz #eth #discussion #or

#cryptofr #tradingcrypto #money

Why join a telegram cryptocurrency group?

While interest in crypto-currencies and the trading of crypto-currencies continues to grow, people are starting to carve out several profitable niches in the emerging industry. Crypto education, among others, seems to be taking the lead, as more and more people seek knowledge in the sector.

Currently, there are over 300 million crypto-currency users worldwide, with a compound annual growth rate of 56.4 % from 2019 to 2025. On the one hand, this means that more individuals are likely to climb aboard the crypto-currency bandwagon. Similarly, the number of people learning about crypto-currencies will increase proportionately.

That said, the need to learn crypto-currencies or possibly join a community of like-minded individuals who can help alleviate the burden presented by a lack of adequate understanding of crypto-currencies is almost inevitable.

We are going to list some of the best Telegram groups of crypto-currencies to join as a beginner or expert in the crypto space.

To begin with, these Telegram groups on crypto-currencies are created for various purposes, including the following;

  • Market information (news, reviews and presale announcements).
  • Market trends (price forecasts and trading signals).
  • Learning (how to trade crypto-currencies, as well as how to invest in existing or new tokens).
  • Community discussion (a group specially created for a set of people who have invested in a cryptocurrency project).
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