Discover the best telegram groups to have fun (telegram groups humor, joke, reality TV etc.)

telegram groups TV series special

If you're looking to be entertained by a good TV series, this is the group for you!

Groups telegram Quotes,anime Quotes and Proverbs

"Life itself is a quotation", Jorge Luis Borges.

Come to discover with me the marvelous world of the quotations, quotations_mangas, proverbs, sayings, maxims...

Groups telegram Reality TV

People news : all the stars' news on Reusta !

Telegram groups Coronalol

Topical humor

Groups telegram ChattΓ©..... πŸ€—

You want to talk to say anything! It's here.... Chat, to say nothing, but say it anyway......

Groups telegram πŸ€£α•Όα‘Œα—°αͺα‘Œα–‡ ᎒αͺα‘Œα’αͺα‘Œα–‡α”‘πŸ€£ 

Telegram groups dedicated to jokes and humor in general

Telegram groups πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Slow motion

Explore the wonderful world in slow motion!

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